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NFU Picture/Sheet No.



B&W, 8.5 minutes

Viewing copies

35mm film- W3471/D21 VHS Video- R.V. 720 VHS Video (Preview Tape)- BITC 98

Full Description

B&W 8 mins. 35mm 790 ft. NEWS CLIPS - 408th WEEK - WINTER SWIM45 ft. CHILD MIGRANTS37 ft. TYRE FACTORY OPENED52 ft. FLOOD CONTROL77 ft. TRAIN SMASH120 ft. CHRISTCHURCH.... YOUTH LEADERSHIP195 ft. 1949.... MISS NEW ZEALAND202 ft. Film Censor's Certificate No. U19304 (1 July 1949) Release Date: 1.7.49 Cat. Ref. 1951 p.16. REVIEW No. 408 B&W 8 mins. 35mm 790 ft. WINTER SWIM. 45 ft. Mid-winter swimmers compete in Wellington for the Davenport Cup. CHILD MIGRANTS. 37 ft. The first party of children to come to New Zealand under the Child Migrant Scheme arrive at Auckland. TRAIN SMASH. 120 ft. A passenger train at Ngahauranga, near Wellington, has its entire side ripped open in collision with a crane. TYRE FACTORY OPENED. 52 ft. A large, new tyre factory covering three acres is opened at Lower Hutt. FLOOD CONTROL. 77 ft. When flood waters bank up dangerously in Lake Wairarapa, Catchment Board men cut a channel to carry away the flood to the sea. YOUTH LEADERSHIP. 195 ft. Youth leaders trained by the Recreation Branch of the Department of Internal Affairs study advanced theories of recreation and leadership in Christchurch. MISS NEW ZEALAND, 1949. 202 ft. In Wellington Town Hall thousands see and hear Miss Mary Woodward, of Taranaki, chosen as Miss New Zealand of 1949. Viewing copies : 35mm film- W3471/D21 VHS Video- R.V. 720 VHS Video (Preview Tape)- BITC 98

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