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NFU Picture/Sheet No.



Colour, 20.5 minutes

Viewing copies

35mm film- R.1 500,030 (3-screen composite mute) 35mm film- R.2 500,031 (3-screen composite mute)

Full Description

Colour 20 mins. 35mm 1,850 ft. NFU Film Information Sheet No. 338 Viewing copies : 35mm film- R.1 500,030 (3-screen composite mute) 35mm film- R.2 500,031 (3-screen composite mute)

The film has no spoken commentary. It is designed to give a comprehensive look at where New Zealand is located in the world, what the country is like and what it produces. It shows New Zealanders at work and play. Sequences from the film include spectacular panoramas, covering the three screens, of aerial scenes over the Southern Alps and over farmlands and cities. Combined aerial sequences with separate scenes on each screen, give an idea of the contrasts of the New Zealand countryside. This setting leads into sequences showing farming, sheep in large numbers, farming research, cattle mustering and dairy production. Forestry development and milling and export of logs to Japan are shown, followed by sequences of New Zealanders at their normal work – builders, barristers, dentists school teachers, doctors and hospital workers are shown followed by items about social services and infants. The new Zealanders keen interest in sport is depicted in a wide variety. The film ends on a scenic note, returning to spectacular aerial views

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