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NFU Picture/Sheet No.



Unknown type, XX minutes

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NFU Film Information Sheet No. 548, 556 Cat. Refs. 1984-85 p.37; 1986-87 p.49. Colour 30 mins. & 50 mins. Perfection of flight - over the sea. The Albatross - symbol of freedom. A solitary bird, of wind and storm, known to men of the sea, since they first ventured into the great Southern Oceans. Of the world's 13 Albatross species, 9 are still found between the Roaring forties' and the pack ice of Antarctica. Among these are2 'giant' species - the 'Wanderers' and the 'Royals'. With wings that span up to 11 feet they are the world's largest seabirds. 'Royal Albatross' features the life cycle of these majestic birds during their breeding year ashore on 'Tairoa'- the only great Albatross colony, on a habited mainland. 1981 THE ADZE AND THE CHAINSAW

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