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NFU Picture/Sheet No.



B&W, 7.5 minutes, 35mm 694 ft.

Film Censor's Certificate No. U29532 (8 September 1953)

Release Date: 11.9.53

Cat. Refs. 1953-S p.6, 7; 1956 p.27; 1957 p.31; 1958 p.26; 1962 p.28.

Viewing copies

VHS Video- R.V. 211

16mm film- W3589/16PP11

35mm film- W3606/h/2

VHS Video (Preview Tape)- BITC 102

Full Description

CHILDREN'S SPECIAL - A PRESENT FROM INDIA 95 ft An elephant presented by the women of India to the children of New Zealand, in appreciation of New Zealand's help, is handed over at Wellington Zoo by the Indian Trade Commissioner.

AIR RACE TRIAL FLIGHT - CANBERRA JET AT HAREWOOD 93 ft First visit to New Zealand of Australian Canberra jet bombers.

UNTRIED RAPIDS - CANOE-CLUB PIONEERING463 ft Members of the New Zealand Canoeing Association conquer untried rapids on the Waikato River, in the thermal regions. These spectacular rapids had never before been attempted by craft of any kind, and only one boat gets through.

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