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NFU Picture/Sheet No.



B&W, 10 minutes, 35mm 925 ft.

Film Censor's Certificate No. G11104 (17 May 1960)

Release Date: 20.5.60

Cat. Refs. 1962 p.56; 1967-68 p.43.

Viewing copies

VHS Video- R.V. 301

16mm film- W3589/16PP101

Full Description

U.S.S. HALIBUT - NUCLEAR SUB157 ft CHRISTCHURCH - TRAPSHOOTERS136 ft AUTOMOBILES - PRE-CHROME ARISTOCRATS202 ft MALAYA - HIGH COMMISSIONER VISITS N.Z. REGIMENT395 ft U.S.S. HALIBUT. 157 ft. American nuclear submarine visits New Zealand. TRAPSHOOTERS. 136 ft. Champion shots compete in national trapshooting contest at Christchurch. PRE-CHROME ARISTOCRATS. 202 ft. Vintage and veteran cars converge on Morrinsville for the country's biggest rally to date. HIGH COMMISSIONER VISITS N.Z. REGIMENT. 395 ft. New Zealand's High Commissioner in Malaya, Mr C. M. Bennett, travels up the Perak River to visit troops in the jungle operational area.

User Description

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