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NFU Picture/Sheet No.



B&W, 8.5 minutes

Viewing copies

35mm film- 200,153 VHS Video- R.V. 704 VHS Video (Preview Tape)- BITC 87

Full Description

B&W 8 mins. 35mm 771 ft. INDUSTRY.... ICE CREAM 153 ft. FARMING.... LUPIN CUTTER 121 ft. PARLIAMENT.... TAKING OVER 82 ft. INDUSTRY.... VACUUM CLEANERS 142 ft. DUNEDIN.... MODEL STEAM ENGINES 199 ft. Film Censor's Certificate No. U20454 (23 December 1949) Release Date: 23.12.49 Cat. Ref. 1951-S p.5. REVIEW No. 433 B&W 8 mins. 35mm 771 ft. TAKING OVER. 82 ft. The new Prime Minister takes over after the Parliamentary election of 1949. LUPIN CUTTER. 121 ft. Demonstration of a new machine designed for the rapid clearing of land over-run by lupin scrub. ICE CREAM. 153 ft. The manufacture of ice cream in New Zealand factories. VACUUM CLEANERS. 142 ft. An Auckland factory produces vacuum cleaners for the New Zealand market. IRONSAND TEST. 216 ft. Giant electric arc furnaces produce iron from the Onekaka ironsands. (NOTE: Catalogue description differs from contents of film as originally released.) Viewing copies : 35mm film- 200,153 VHS Video- R.V. 704 VHS Video (Preview Tape)- BITC 87

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