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NFU Picture/Sheet No.

NFU Film Information Sheet No. 431

Technical details

B&W, 28 minutes, 16mm 1,030 ft.

Cat. Refs. 1973 p.53; 1977 p.47. B&W 30 mins. 16mm

Viewing copies

16mm film- W3471/16BW467

VHS BITC (Preview Tape)- BITC 263

Full Description

An amalgam of film from various sources, and the recollections of notable officials and ordinary folk as they look back at their part in past events, The Years Back spans the time from the turn of the century to 1960. Excerpts were culled from the old National Film Unit series Weekly Review, and from Pictorial Parade, as well as other Unit material; the National Archives, the National Film Library, and some overseas sources provided valuable footage for this comprehensive, nostalgic 13-part series. 3. The Thirties - from the Hawke's Bay earthquake through the depression and the rise of the Labour Party, to a recovering economy and the beginning of World War II, as New Zealand began to end its isolation in a shrinking world.

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