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NFU Picture/Sheet No.



Colour, 28 minutes

Viewing copies

16mm film- W3471/u/48

Full Description

Colour 28 mins. 16mm 1,002 ft. THE EROSION OF OUR LAND NEW ZEALAND NATIONAL FILM UNIT Photography David Dry Sound Andrew Marshall, Brian Shennan Direction and Editing Conon Fraser Executive Producer David H. Fowler Made for the National Water and Soil Conservation Organisation in collaboration with the Department of Education. NEW ZEALAND NATIONAL FILM UNIT MCMLXXVI NFU Film Information Sheet No. 508 Cat. Refs. 1977 p.24; 1984-85 p.12; 1986-87 p.15. THE EROSION OF OUR LAND Colour 28 mins. 16mm 1,002 ft. Erosion, whether natural or begun and aggravated by man, can seriously affect us all. The causes, problems and efforts to combat different aspects of erosion are looked at, particularly in the High Country and on the difficult soils of the pumicelands and the East Coast. The film looks at erosion through its effect on the lives of people in these areas, as well as its disastrous consequence in the flooding of lowland farms and towns. Where man has altered the land, erosion is all too often the price he has to keep on paying. Viewing copies : 16mm film- W3471/u/48

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