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NFU Picture/Sheet No.



Colour, 18.5 minutes

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16mm film- W3606/e/11

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Colour 18 mins. 35mm 1,665 ft. NEW ZEALAND NATIONAL FILM UNIT PRESENTS RECOVERING FROM A CORONARY A REHABILITATION PROGRAMME FOR PATIENTS WITH CORONARY HEART DISEASE medical consultant Dr. E.R. NYE University of Otago Medical School advisers Professor J.D. HUNTER University of Otago Medical School; Mrs. P.G. WOOD New Zealand School of Physiotherapy photography SAM GRAU sound G.E. POMFRET-BROWN script and direction FRANK CHILTON narration PETER BRIAN production GEOFFREY SCOTT, RONALD BOWIE In making the film the producers acknowledge with thanks the co-operation of the OTAGO HOSPITAL BOARD, MEMBERS OF THE DUNEDIN CORONARY CLUB AND THEIR EMPLOYERS, and THE STAFF OF DUNEDIN HOSPITAL NEW ZEALAND NATIONAL FILM UNIT PRODUCTION FOR THE NATIONAL HEART FOUNDATION OF NEW ZEALAND NFU Film Information Sheet No. 355 Cat. Refs. 1973 p.43; 1977 p.33; 1984-85 p.10; 1986-87 p.12. Colour 18 mins. 35mm 1,665 ft. The film demonstrates a practical rehabilitation programme for patients with coronary heart disease (devised at Otago University Medical School and the New Zealand School of Physiotherapy), which has produced encouraging results. Although intended mainly for medical audiences, the film offers advice which could well help to avoid or delay the premature onset of coronary heart disease in the population as a whole. Viewing copies :16mm film- W3606/e/11

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