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NFU Picture/Sheet No.



B&W, 10 minutes, 35mm 912 ft.

Film Censor's Certificate No. G6328 (10 September 1957)

Release Date: 13.9.57

Cat. Refs. 1958 p.43, 44; 1962 p.45.

Viewing copies

VHS Video- R.V. 266

16mm film- W3589/16PP66

35mm film W4361/50

VHS Video (Preview Tape)- BITC 234

Full Description

POWER STATIONS - POWER PROGRESS REPORT. 306 ft. North Island power schemes of three different types are going ahead. At Mercer the boiler units are going up for a new coal-electric station. At Atiamuri another dam is being built across the Waikato River to produce more hydro-electricity. At Wairakei a power-house is being built to use the vast natural energy of geothermal steam bores.

NEW GOVERNOR-GENERAL - VISCOUNT COBHAM ARRIVES. 138 ft. Lord and Lady Cobham and their eight children arrive in Wellington, where the new Governor-General lays a wreath at the War Memorial.

SCHOOLS - SCHOOLS FOR TODAY AND TOMORROW. 430 ft. All over the country, new schools are being built. Rapidly growing city suburbs are getting improved schools, new post-primary schools are handling increasing numbers of pupils, and new blocks are being built at universities.

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