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NFU Picture/Sheet No.



B&W, 9 minutes

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VHS Video- R.V. 259 16mm film- W3589/16PP59A PICTORIAL PARADE No. 60

Full Description

B&W 9 mins. 35mm 867 ft. MALAYA - S.A.S. SQUADRON ON LEAVE322 ft HANDS WANTED - N.Z. MACHINE TO AID THE DISABLED198 ft KEEPING IN TRIM - SUMNER'S LIFEBOAT290 ft Film Censor's Certificate No. G5139 (22 February 1957) Release Date: 1.3.57 NFU Film Information Sheet No. PP59 Cat. Refs. 1958 p.41; 1962 p.43. B&W 9 mins. 35mm 867 ft. LEAVE IN MALAYA. 322 ft. An aircraft drops supplies to troops in the Malayan jungle, while a school bus takes the children of soldiers through the city of Kuala Lumpur to their homes. New Zealand N.C.O.'s and officers are seen entertaining Chinese and Indian guests and the S.A.S. squadron holds a celebration in the mess. TO AID THE DISABLED. 198 ft. The Governor-General and Lady Norrie see a demonstration of the 'Distaff' machine which enables armless people to feed themselves and to use a typewriter. Later the demonstrator is interviewed by the Secretary of the Disabled Servicemen's Re-Establishment League. SUMNER LIFEBOAT. 290 ft. The skipper of New Zealand's only lifeboat shows a presscutting book describing rescues by earlier Sumner lifeboats. The volunteer crew man the new vessel and carry out a practice rescue over the dangerous Sumner Bar. Viewing copies : VHS Video- R.V. 259 16mm film- W3589/16PP59A PICTORIAL PARADE No. 60

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