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NFU Picture/Sheet No.



B&W, 11 minutes

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VHS Video- R.V. 252 16mm film- W3589/16PP52A PICTORIAL PARADE No. 53

Full Description

B&W 11 mins. 35mm 996 ft. NGAURUHOE - HELICOPTER LANDS ON CRATER336 ft UP TO SCRATCH - CATS JUDGED IN AUCKLAND190 ft OPENING DAY AT ROXBURGH DAM429 ft Film Censor's Certificate No. G4062 (13 August 1956) Release Date: 17.8.56 NFU Film Information Sheet No. PP52 Cat. Refs. 1957 p.44; 1958 p.39; 1962 p.40. B&W 11 mins. 35mm 996 ft. HELICOPTER LANDS ON CRATER. 336 ft. The Department of Scientific and Industrial Research uses a helicopter to fly from the Chateau Tongariro, in Tongariro National Park, up to and into the crater of the active volcano. Mount Ngauruhoe, where a geophone is landed and installed for research on volcanology. UP TO SCRATCH. 190 ft. A light-hearted cover of the Auckland Champion Cat Show. OPENING ROXBURGH DAM. 429 ft. Opening Day of the great Roxburgh hydro-electric station brought many gold-panners to the Clutha River for the few hours that the river level was lowered while a new lake filled behind the dam. Also shown are the gates closing at midnight, the waters rising and demolishing the coffer dam, the first flow over the spillways, and the starting up of the first generator. Viewing copies : VHS Video- R.V. 252 16mm film- W3589/16PP52A PICTORIAL PARADE No. 53

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