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NFU Picture/Sheet No.



Colour, 50 minutes

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Colour 50 mins. NFU Film Information Sheet No. 609 Cat. Refs. 1984-85 p.18; 1986-87 p.23. The men aboard M.S. New Zealand Pacific sail around the world in eighty days on a massive refrigerated container ship. 'Ocean Traders' presents a rare view of these men and the life of their small seagoing community. Their ship is the largest New Zealand has owned; she is a newcomer in a competitive trade. To stay in business they must keep her on schedule. A few days lost in port or a breakdown at sea and they could lose their foothold on the trade run to Europe. This is the longest voyage in the world; a handful of men operating a computerised coolstore, circling the globe at twenty one knots. They are at once traditional seafarers and specialised technicians who must cope with living and working together for three months, while isolated mid ocean, thousands of miles from land. In 'Ocean Traders' these men tell their story of life at sea today. QUAKE

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