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(First assembly - not accepted for British release) NFU Film Information Sheet No. 86A Cat. Ref. 1957 p.20. B&W 19 mins. 35mm 1704 ft. MODELS AND ARCHITECTS. 185 ft. Ben Van Dorsselaer constructs models which aid architects and builders engaged on Ministry of Works projects. MARRAM GRASS. 137 ft. Machines developed by members of the State Forest Service prove invaluable in mass planting of marram grass and seedling trees to prevent drifting sand from engulfing fertile farmlands. SMALLEST BIRD SANCTUARY. 251 ft. Each September about 100 terns or sea swallows occupy a small rock near Scorching Bay, Wellington, where they mate and nest and rear their young. FRIENDS FOR THE CHILDREN. 541 ft. The rehabilitation and care of children afflicted with cerebral palsy is the special care of a devoted staff of doctors, physiotherapists, teachers and nursing aids at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Rotorua. OPO AND PELORUS JACK. 555 ft. Films of nearly fifty years ago show the once famous dolphin Pelorus Jack guiding ships by Pelorus Sound as he did for thirty years prior to 1916. Films of 1956 show the friendly dolphin Opo delighting crowds of visitors by playing among the bathers with a ball, pushing it along the surface in fast dribbling rushes, and giving children rides upon her back. So great was the interest and affectionate regard Opo aroused that in a few weeks petting the dolphin became almost a national pastime of New Zealand. N.Z. RAILWAY MAGAZINE

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