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(Two-reel version for British release) NFU Film Information Sheet No. 84 , & info sheet 85 Cat. Refs. 1957 p.19; 1958 p.21. B&W 17 mins. 35mm 1558 ft. PIG IN THE SWIM. 80 ft. Andrew Jones, of Napier, takes his young wild sow swimming in the surf. WEST PACIFIC FACES. 167 ft. Faces from around the Western Pacific, shown by carvings from New Zealand and the Solomon Islands area, contrasted with works of art from China and Japan. CANOES AND CRATER LAKES. 405 ft. Canoeing Association members climb with canoe parts past Ketetahi hot springs and launch their craft on the cold blue crater lake of Mount Tongariro. Later, climbing to 9000 ft., they explore the hot crater lake of Mt. Ruapehu. Early shots show this crater in eruption nine years ago. JUDO FOR AUCKLANDERS. 306 ft. Scenes at the Southern Cross Judo Club in Auckland. A demonstration of break-falls and bouts between club members and an officer of a visiting Japanese ship, and finally a team contest. INVENTOR IN THE MACKENZIE COUNTRY. 559 ft. At Irishman's Creek, a Mackenzie country sheep-station, where the farm workshop has grown to be the development centre for a distant engineering factory, we find the owner, C.W.F. Hamilton, trying out the jet-propelled boat which is his latest development. At Middleton, near Christchurch, is the acre-large factory making his other inventions, hydraulic cranes, road graders loader-dozers, etc. Finally we go with the inventor in his jet-propelled boat for a trial run in the rushing rapids of the Ohau River. PICTORIAL PARADE No. 31

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