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NFU Picture/Sheet No.



B&W, 9 minutes

Viewing copies

VHS Video- R.V. 141 16mm film- W3589/16NZM19 NEW ZEALAND MIRROR No. 20

Full Description

B&W 9 mins. 35mm 798 ft. AIRPORT PREPARATIONS - MOVING HOUSE104 ft. PLANTS OF NEW ZEALAND - THE TREE-FERNS OF MOUNT EGMONT361 ft. COOK STRAIT AIR FREIGHT - THE CARGON IN ACTION286 ft. NFU Film Information Sheet No. 78 Cat. Refs. 1953-S p.3; 1956 p.15; 1957 p.17; 1958 p.19; 1962 p.21. B&W 9 mins. 35mm 798 ft. HOUSE MOVING. 104 ft. At Rongotai, Wellington, the first house to be moved to make way for airport development is towed bodily through the streets to a new site. TREE FERNS OF MOUNT EGMONT. 361 ft. Punga and Mamaku grow luxuriantly on the slopes of Mt. Egmont, where rainfall is heavy. Nurserymen collect spores and raise plants for gardens and for export; the trunks are used in garden constructions. New Plymouth gardens grow many tree-ferns. CARGON. 286 ft. At Paraparaumu Airport, near Wellington, a Bristol Freighter is 'turned around' in twelve minutes with the aid of a 'Cargon' device; the whole floor of the plane, with its cargo, slides on to a transporter, and thence on to motor trucks. The re-loaded plane takes off and flies over the Marlborough Sounds on its way to a South Island airport. The 'Cargon' apparatus was invented and constructed in New Zealand. Viewing copies : VHS Video- R.V. 141 16mm film- W3589/16NZM19 NEW ZEALAND MIRROR No. 20

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