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NFU Picture/Sheet No.



Colour, 20.5 minutes

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16mm film- W3471/r/12K6

Full Description

Colour 20 mins. 35mm 1,825 ft. Film Censor's Certificate No. G39651 (24 May 1974) NFU Film Information Sheet No. 472 Cat. Refs. 1974-S p.2; 1977 p.42; 1984-85 p.27; 1986-87 p.36. Colour 20 mins. 35mm 1,825 ft. The urban drift of the twentieth century has cut off great numbers of Maoris from their old community links, symbolised by the traditional Marae. Usually a courtyard in front of the tribal meeting house, the marae was of special importance on formal occasions, and held in great reverence. The film looks at some attempts being made to adapt the traditional marae to the urban setting, and interweaves two strands - a look at three urban marae projects; and a trip out into the countryside with a group of young urban Maoris to visit some rural maraes. Viewing copies : 16mm film- W3471/r/12K6

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