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NFU Picture/Sheet No.


Technical details

B&W, 22 minutes, 35mm, 2,000 ft.

Film Censor's Certificate No. G56 (9 December 1954)

Cat. Refs. 1956 p.41; 1957 p.51; 1958 p.50; 1962 p.66.

Viewing copies

VHS Video- R.V. 182

16mm film- W3471/16BW222

BITC VHS (preview tape)- BITC 289

Full Description

A film survey of work at Massey Agricultural College, following the students through both practical and academic courses. These students come from all over New Zealand and from many other countries, including Britain, United States, Mexico, Persia, China, India, and Pakistan. Through its achievements in teaching and research and its great contributions to all aspects of farming, Massey College holds an honoured place in New Zealand's national life and is one of the best-known agricultural colleges in the world.

User Description

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