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NFU Picture/Sheet No.



B&W, 14 minutes

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16mm film- W3589/16PP244A AND NOW, NEW ZEALAND

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B&W 14 mins. 35mm 1,257 ft. AMBULANCE Written, directed and edited by: Arthur Everard Photographed by: Bruce Dunn, John Morrison Sound by: John Lowe Produced by: David H. Fowler Executive Producer: Geoffrey Scott Film Censor's Certificate No. G36642 (8 June 1971) Release Date: 11.6.71 NFU Film Information Sheet No. PP244 Film Information Sheet No. 381 Cat. Refs. 1973 p.18; 1977 p.32. AMBULANCE B&W 14 mins. 35mm 1,257 ft. A candid report on the service provided for 300,000 people by the only completely free ambulance organisation - New Zealand's Wellington Free Ambulance. The film follows the service's daily routine, with incidents as various as the delivery of a baby, meal breaks, and major traffic accidents shot exactly as they happened. (Released in New Zealand as PICTORIAL PARADE No. 244) Viewing copies :16mm film- W3589/16PP244A AND NOW, NEW ZEALAND

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