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NFU Picture/Sheet No.


Technical details

B&W, 12.5 minutes, 35mm, 1,123 ft.

Viewing copies

35mm film- R.1 200,191 (mute)

35mm film- R.2 200,192 (mute)

VHS Video- R.1 R.V. 581 (mute)

VHS Video- R.2 R.V. 582 (mute)

VHS Video (Preview Tape)- BITC 33

Full Description

Off cuts of New Zealander soldiers during the Italian campaign in World War Two.

Reel 1

WS Soldiers lifting rubble. Building Creditor Romacnolo in background

WS Man holding white banner flag standing in doorway

WS Bombed site. Rubble and ruin

MCU Religious cross

GV APC; tanks; soldiers on foot; some on motorbikes, trek along dried muddy road

GV APC in convoy moving out

GV Meeting with the locals at road junction, ruin and debris all that remain of possible family home

Ws Smoke belching from rooftop of building in distance

GV Italian POW’s?? Army troops in tank consult map, whilst other soldiers take position at roadside


LS Soldiers among rubble and ruin. Townsfolk in street

GV Townsfolk

LS POW’s on foot and under guard trek the dusty road

WS Army lad plays accordian

TS Following red cross vehicle and jeep along dusty road.

Reel 2

WS Bulldozer pushing over poplar trees at side of road. Italian village. PAN R-L as tree falls

LS Army moves in to village. Vehicles move down road to village

PAN L-R Village and environs

WS Plumes of smoke rise above trees in distance

WS Further explosions (smoke) can be seen in distance

INT Army personnel view situation from building

GV Foot soldiers trek the dusty road

LS Flame throwers in action. Several views

WS Tracking plane in sky which drops bomb, explosion. Another bomb drop

GV Fire/smoke of explosions can be seen in the distance. Tree clad environment

PAN R-L Tracking planes as they drop their bombs

GV Dug-in mortars return fire

WS Tilt down. Planes drop bombs

LS Aeroplane formation in the sky

GV Tracking planes as they fly over their target dropping bombs. Explosions

GV Army troops return with mortar fire

WS Exterior building

INT Army using gatling gun. Rounds of shells used

GV Tracking planes as they drop bombs

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