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NFU Picture/Sheet No.


Technical Details

B&W, 2 minutes, 35mm, 197 ft. (silent)

Produced by N.Z. National Film Unit

Viewing copies

35mm film- 200,068 (silent)

VHS Video- R.V. 868

VHS Video (Preview Tape)- BITC 239

Full Description

Unedited footage of a fire which gutted a large single-storeyed brick building at 34 Tuam Street, Christchurch, on the evening of Thursday, February 24, 1949. The occupiers of the building were Mr. I.B. Cromb, Paykel Bros. (oil merchants), Modern Equipment Ltd., Paramount Industries Ltd., Paramount Cabinets Ltd., Mr. Robert McGloin (woodworker) and Arrow Electroplating Co. Ltd. Originally listed as (Fire c.1948)


WS Fire engine at scene of fire. Smoke belching forth from building – Electroplating Company Limited. Firemen, policemen. Tilt-up to fireman at top of extended ladder with fire hose.

LS Street. Second fire engine – water tender – distanced from fire, stationed beside building of Auto Parts Limited. Three firemen working from water tender. General public beginning to crowd - (right of frame)

WS Smoking building. W. McFaddon & Son - Engineers, signage directing to rear of smoking building. Arrow Electroplating frontage of building.

WS Area corded off, large public crowd gathered. Police on foot and motorbike direct folks to remain behind the rope.

WS Three firemen directing hose through window of smoking building. Lane access. Other firemen supervising and in support.

CU Two firemen controlling hose.

LA View of firemen at top of extended ladder hosing building from above.

LS Crowd behind the rope. ARCHIBALDS GARAGE building in background.

WS Police controlling crowd. ARCHIBALDS GARAGE building in background PAN L-R across crowd.

WS Interior damaged building, two firemen at work, hosing.

LS Street, backview of crowd. Buildings left and right.

WS Night-shot flames.

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