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NFU Picture/Sheet No.


Technical details

B&W, 16 minutes, 35mm 1,438 ft.

Viewing copies

VHS Video-R.1 R.V. 586 (mute)

VHS Video-R.2 R.V. 587 (mute)

VHS Video-R.3 R.V. 588 (mute)

35mm film- R.1 200,178 (mute)

35mm film-R.2 200,179 (mute)

35mm film-R.3 200,180 (mute)

VHS Video (Preview Tape)- BITC 40

Full Description

(“Country Lads” -- Offcuts -- Departures )

Reel 1

WS Army personnel carrying kitbags leave the dry interior of wharf shed 31 and cross the wharf. A wet day.

Army personnel carrying kitbags and equipment make their way down the gangway. Railway loco travels across the wharf. Army personnel and police either side. Wet day. Wives/sweethearts wave from behind the iron gates of the wharf (Glasgow Wharf)

Soldiers return greetings from bow of ship “Aquitania” Several views of troopship, friends and relations on the dockside.

LS Women making their way along wharf

CU Women writing message on parcel, tilt up to

CU Women and Maori gent. Parcels taken on board by fishing strings or flying fox. Many and varied departure shots. Farewell kiss, wave goodbye, group pictures, troop pictures, hands held.

Men on ship. Various shots from deck. Ship cast off. Troop ship departs. Among those waving goodbye Peter Fraser et al.

Dry sunny day. Two funnelled ship departs.

Series of brief shots: Gangway lowered; ropes cast off; soldiers register; soldiers on ship; mast; rigging; loved-ones behind iron gates of wharf; men of the ships’ bow “Aquitania”; train across wharf; soldiers view of Wellington hills; troopship and goodbyes; troopship departs; four funnelled ship. Friend/family leave wharf.

Reel 2

INT: Soldiers wash and dress. Gather in lounge.

WS Maori soldier on board ship speaks too four ladies through porthole. Three women with soldier Troops, dressed casually wearing sneakers on their feet, sit with legs dangling over side of ship.

Ropes loosened

Ship crammed with men on deck “Aquitania”

Ship tied alongside

Many views of soldiers on board troopship. Wharf packed with people.

Two funnelled ship departs “New Amsterdam”

Mass crowd on wharf waves goodbye as four-funnelled ship departs

Tug-boat pilots two funnelled troopship away from dockside. “New Amsterdam”

Three funnelled ship at sea – distance.

Reel 3


WS Battleship alongside wharf. HMS -----?------

PANL-R Various troopships berthed

WS Train travels along dockside Soldiers in uniform packs on their backs Troops on board ship; wellwishers cram gangway Several views crowd of sailors from HMS Achilles?? Soldiers in line alongside ship Soliders fall in outside shed 33 Troops on board ship Train arrives, soldiers alight

CU Tattoos on arms and chest of man Soldiers man-handle kitbags L-R Soldier on deck “New Amsterdam”

WS Troopship alongside, train on wharf, wellwishers

MCU Two army personnel (McIntyre and Elias) Men up the gangway board ship - P.M. Fraser boards Troopship eases away Troops up the gangway withkitbags

LS dockside wellwishers Troops on board wearing lifejackets WAAC’s lean on rail of ship

MCU Three (3) WAACS Accommodation for men Group of men playing cards Officer waving

LS Three funnelled ship in harbour Four funnelled ship ready to depart, eases away – out to harbour

Nightshots: Men boarding, early morning?? Ships at dockside. Stern in foreground “Thorshov Sandefjord Troopships departing -- distance

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