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NFU Picture/Sheet No.


Technical details

B&W, 4.5 minutes, 35mm, 393 ft.

Viewing copies

VHS Video- R.V. 580 (mute)

35mm film- 200,263 (mute)

VHS Video (Preview Tape)- BITC 33

Full Description

Army trucks travel along road, PAN L-R, tilt up to sign which reads “WESTERN DESERT’.


WS Army trucks on road. Palm tree in foreground.

Travelling shot following vehicles along the road.

Various shots, different angles, army trucks travelling along the road, and over sandy desert region.

CU Army officers (2) in conversation

WS Various Army manoeuvres, explosions

WS Different views, wounded on stretchers loaded into Red Cross/Medical truck

WS Red Cross truck and other army vehicles.

WS Desert activity - explosions, army vehicle moving R-L

WS First aid personnel at stretcher

CU Sign “N.Z.E.F. Graves”

Various shots of officers and men as they bury the dead

WS Desert scenes, explosions in distance

PAN L-R various shots, wounded on stretchers carried across sandy terrain

Army vehicles move out (towards camera)

CU Injured soldier under blankets

Various shots army vehicles on the move, across sandy terrain

Various shots, officer speaks with wounded men given medical attention

WS Damage sustained by truck. Hole where Red Cross used to be

User Description

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